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Absolare Integrated Signature V2 (Package)

Absolare Integrated Signature V2 (Package)

$25,000.00 $46,000.00

This is a package deal and includes the following:

· Integrated Signature V2 (2017 standards), black leather/white stitching (changed at time of V2 upgrade from red, so pretty mint): @ $34 k list.

·         Stabilian Bronze footers (3): $2.1 list (there are no feet – you’ll want to put something under there and Stabilian is more or less Absolare’s company as well)

·         Stabilian trapezoidal-shaped amp stand, Palisander wood: $2.5 (really cool-looking piece, measures 16×26 on top so pretty designed with Absolare gear in mind)

·         Echole Signature PC, 2m: $6.9 (Echole also closely aligned with Absolare – all internal wire in Absolare gear is various grades of Echole: the “Signature” integrated uses their Signature-grade wiring internally)

·         2 pairs of NOS 12AU7’s picked specifically for the amp. One pair came with the amp, one pair bought as upgrade for $460

Original flight case for amp, wooden crate for stand.

Regarding V2 Revision:

– Robert Harley has reviewed the Passion model. The Signature model is a substantially improved design over the Passion model.

(The Signature model’s sonic performance therefore is significantly higher than the Passion model)

All other Absolare products have seen 3 major revisions in the past 10 years.

Absolare Integrated amplifier has only seen a single revision (the V2 Upgrade to be explained below) because it is the reflection of the high learning curve of Absolare.

In each model, the power supply implementation, internal cabling (both for signal and power sections), connectors and the type of capacitors vary.

(Please refer to the website for the details and please refer to the regional distributors or dealers for pricing information as well)

In Q3 2017, a V2 upgrade has been introduced that is backward compatible to all Absolare Integrated models above.

V2 Upgrade is totally redesigned power supply section of the amplifier and a few changes in other key areas. The resulting improvements are absolute silence, an increased harmonic resolution and dynamic contrast; as the prime parameters that improve the amplifier’s performance.

Please note that there is no digital attenuation in any models of the Integrated amplifier. Absolare Integrated is a pure analog design.

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