Avantgarde Duo Grosso Omega2


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Please note that if the light is just right there is some minor discoloration in the painted finish on the top of one of the subwoofer cabinets.  This is photographed.

Shipping will be palatalized and one large supplemental box.

$18,900.00 $36,000.00

Out of stock

The Duo Grosso is the larger version of the Duo Omega, featuring the same phenomenal spherical horn assembly combined with the significantly more powerful Sub 231 subwoofer module. By utilizing two big 12 inch drivers, the dynamic headroom of the bass has been practically doubled, compared to the Duo Omega. Exclusive neodymium magnets are used for increased magnetic force and reduced driver displacement. Its ultra high sensitivity of 107 dB (W/m) at 18 ohms system impedance and its hybrid concept with self–powered subwoofer makes it easy to drive with any amplifier. Even with low powered tube amps the Duo Grosso is able to deliver a powerful, dynamic and three–dimensional sound, because the power–demanding work at low frequencies is managed by the self–amplified Sub 231

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